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Entrance Matting Systems - First Impressions Last

Entrance matting is often overlooked when it comes to designing buildings – perhaps left to think about later. But to keep a building’s interior a clean and safe environment for its users and visitors, the importance of matting should not be underestimated.

In 2014, a survey by 3M found that up to 85% of dirt and moisture within a building will have been brought in on shoes, trolleys and lightweight vehicles. That’s perhaps not too surprising, but further analysis showed that the cost of cleaning a building used by 1,000 people every day, could be as much as £75,000 each year. So, the time taken to specify the right entrance matting for a building could be very well spent, helping to reduce these costs and create a better environment.

There are certainly a wide range of options available to building owners, interior designers and facilities managers. But it’s important to choose carefully because sub-standard mats can bring their own problems, with implications for health and safety (for example if moisture isn’t effectively removed from people entering a building, slippery floors can result) and ongoing maintenance, especially in areas requiring hygiene regulations. And of course, first impressions really matter – and a dirty or untidy entrance mat is clearly not going to deliver a good one.

But by choosing a better quality system, these negatives can become positives. For example, our GEGGUS solution is an open matting system with a range of alternative top layer brushes, and is designed to effectively remove the dirt and moisture from shoes, trolley wheels etc., depositing it into a collection tray which lies below the top surface. Out of the view of customers, the system helps keep floors clean, dry and safe, can be easily cleaned by maintenance staff – and it creates a great first and lasting impression.

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