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Geggus Aluminium Entrance Matting Systems

Handmade and cut to size in Germany, with 70 years experience and backed by our experienced support team for commercial, industrial and domestic use.

Whether you are looking for a specific Geggus aluminium entrance matting system, or you want to talk to our design team about the most appropriate entrance matting systems to meet the needs of your project, our experienced staff are here to help. If you have a specific project in mind, why not contact us for a quote. Our friendly team will usually get back to you within a few hours. Making sure your programme flows as smoothly, quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Each product catalogue contains full product and technical information.

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Every high quality, high performance Geggus aluminium entrance matting has been carefully designed. Effectively and efficiently removing and retaining dirt and moisture, thereby preventing it from being carried into a building; providing a safe environment for a building’s occupants and visitors alike. Take a look at our wide aluminium entrance matting product range here.

Our entrance mats provide a safe and effective barrier, helping to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls. In doing so, they help not only keep cleaning and maintenance costs down, but also make sure that the internal flooring always looks at its best.

Making a good first impression

An entrance mat has a major role to play in creating the right first and lasting impression for any organisation. Our solutions have been used in buildings worldwide for major brands and businesses. We are proud to work with architects, clients, interior designers and contractors to deliver the best solution for every project.

The selection of the most appropriate solution is critical to meet a building’ specific requirements; which is then correctly installed and well maintained. Our experienced team can support you through each of these key stages, providing guidance and technical advice as and when required – contact our team for a free quote or technical advice

Suitable for new build projects and for retrofitting, Geggus matting systems are not solely for use in entrance areas but can also be fitted in other parts of a building. For example, access points, lift landings and canteen entrances. In fact, any area that may see high foot traffic may be at risk from soiling and heavy wear. It may be that a combination of Geggus systems throughout a building provides the optimum solution.

Proven dirt and moisture capturing

A study conducted by 3M found that 85% of dirt and moisture in buildings is brought in on the soles of shoes. Estimates suggest that a building with a daily footfall of 1,000 people, 150kg of dirt is brought in every year. By capturing the dirt in the matting system, such a building would not only be easier and cheaper to clean; but the dirt would be significantly easier to remove. As a result, it is estimated that this building’s cleaning bill would fall by around £75,000 per annum.

As a responsible, sustainable business, we offer environmentally friendly entrance matting systems which incorporate recycled materials in their manufacture.

For worldwide distribution please visit Geggus Worldwide

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Customised Entrance Matting System at Geggus HQ

Customised Entrance Matting System at Geggus HQ

Adding safety and style to our office entrance area, we have installed one of our Geggus customised entrance matting systems to help keep our office safe and clean. As the UK supplier of Geggus entrance matting, MMA Architectural Systems knew there was no better place to showcase our matting systems than in our own office! Featuring ribbed carpet and cassette brush strips, the Top Clean Trend mat is designed to absorb moisture and prevent dirt from shoes getting into the building. The open st...

Why Geggus Aluminium entrance matting is worth the initial investment

Why Geggus Aluminium entrance matting is worth the initial investment

It is fair to say that a high-quality entrance matting system is going to be more expensive than far simpler options like coconut, coir and barrier mats. However, these surface mats don’t deliver anything like the benefits of longevity, durability, safety and performance that an open structure matting system provides; especially when exposed to medium and high volumes of traffic in commercial entrances such as offices, shops and restaurants. It may be an old adage, but it’s certainly true in...

Put the GEGGUS Superheroes on your side

Put the GEGGUS Superheroes on your side

GEGGUS Entrance Matting Systems can help you avoid the Health & Safety, legal and revenue loss issues we've identified in our Industry Application online guides. So call our team today to find out more about our open-structure entrance matting, get guidance on the most appropriate option for your needs and request a free sample & brochure.

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Geggus Matting Systems is supplied exclusively in the UK by MMA Architectural Systems. We are also the sole UK agent for Jakob Rope Systems, providing quality solutions for Green Walls, Car Park Safety, Animal Enclosures and Bridge Safety.