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Good care is worthwhile.

To assure its long-life, high performance and high-quality appearance, the Geggus Top Clean entrance matting system simply needs to be cleaned at regular intervals to remove the dirt that falls between the individual alu-profiles and collects in the mat bed.


The cleaning frequency that is required will be depend on the intensity of use and the amount of dirt collected:

bullet point Low traffic dirt volumes

Simply use a high-power suction vacuum cleaner on the surface of the entrance mat and/or roll up the mat to clean the collected dirt and moisture in the mat bed.

bullet point Moderate traffic and dirt volumes
Use a high-power vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt; then roll the mat out of the frame and clean away any dirt and moisture from the mat bed with a brush.

bullet point High traffic and dirt volumes
As well as following the steps for low and moderate traffic, finally, use a high-pressure cleaner to remove all dirt. Allow sufficient drying time (we recommended overnight), after which the mat will be fully functioning again. Cleaning may also be carried out with a standard floor-cleaning machine.

Changing ribbed carpet strips

If it becomes necessary to change one or more of the ribbed carpet strips (perhaps because of a cigarette burn), the carpet strips can be extracted and replaced with a new strip (supplied with high-strength adhesive tape).

Geggus Entrance Matting MaintenanceGeggus Entrance Matting Cleaning

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