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Quick Service Food Issues



Fast Food Outlet Issues

With a focus on quickly and effectively serving high numbers of customers, while also gaining loyalty and repeat business, fast food outlets need to be smooth-running, efficient operations where costs are meticulously managed and controlled.

Wet and dirty floors can significantly impact on this smooth operation – which in turn has a major detrimental effect on both revenues and customer experience.

With 85% of all the dirt and moisture in a building coming in on the soles of shoes, good quality, open structure entrance matting systems play a vital role in stopping and capturing dirt and moisture at the entrance – unlike basic matting which quickly becomes ineffective as the dirt and moisture simply sits on top, and this is then carried into the outlet by the next customer.

These are just some of the knock-on effects of wet and dirty floors on your business:

The knock-on effects of wet & dirty floors

The knock-on effects of wet & dirty floors

Hygiene is at major risk from dirt and moisture.

There is a general perception that store cleanliness reflects on the food preparation areas.

Eat-in experience is affected when staff clean and put up ugly yellow “CAUTION: Wet Floor” signs.

Repeat and new sales are threatened if customers relate poor experiences

The knock-on effects of wet & dirty floors

Fewer staff serving, while cleaning dirt & moisture

Leads to longer queues and slower service

Which leads to poor customer service

And ultimately lost sales when customers give up and leave… and don’t come back

The knock-on effects of wet & dirty floors

Risk of customer and staff slipping and tripping on wet floors and poor matting

Slips and trips cost UK business 1.15 million staff days – costing £500m last year

14,500 prosecutions and enforcement notices were issued for slip and trip related accidents

The average fine was over £32,000


GEGGUS open structure Entrance Matting Systems help prevent these negative impacts on your revenue and customer experience.

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